Keloid Scarring Gallery

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Here are some examples of what Keloid scarring looks like. Its very similar to Hypertrophic scarring but grows much bigger. To compare with the hypertrophic scar gallery click here.

Here you can see examples of Keloids most probably caused by upper ear piercings.

They are obviously quite large, having grown away from the piercing and far past the original site of the wound.

Their abnormal, uneven texture is also fairly clear to see here. These pictures also show how keloids often appear in skin tones.


Keloid Scar Close Up ColourHere you can clearly see a close up of a keloid scar from an ear piercing.

The bump has moved far away from the small hole made by the piercing and appears very purple in colour.

You can also see how rubbery the texture appears and the rounded mushroom-like shape which is so common with keloid scars.The ‘benign tumor’ description fits well here too.

Here is another close up of a Keloid scar, one associated with acne, but useful at showing what the Keloid tissue itself looks like.

This photograph is a good demonstration of how shiny Keloid scars can look.

It also clearly shows how uneven Keloid tissue can be, looking pitted and swollen in places.

Keloid Photo Sources:

1, Top left bump on an African American woman’s upper ear: SOURCE. With thanks to Bechara Y. Ghorayeb, MD.

2, Top Right bump on Caucasian woman’s upper ear: SOURCE. With thanks to Bechara Y. Ghorayeb, MD.

3, Middle bump on Caucasian woman’s ear lobe. SOURCE. With thanks to Kevin T. Kavanagh, MD, MS, FACS.

4, Final bump from acne: SOURCE. With thanks to Dr P. Marazzi.