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Here are several examples of Hypertrophic scarring, including some close ups. Its very similar to Keloid scarring but is generally much smaller. To compare with the keloid scar gallery click here.


Here is an example of a hypertrophic scar on a belly button piercing. You can see in the first picture that the skin on top of the bump is very dry and peeling. In the second photo, with the jewellery now in the piercing, it can be seen that the bump has only grown around the piercing hole, rather than growing away from it as keloids tend to do.


These two photographs are good examples of skin coloured hypertrophic scarring. The bumps, once again, appear very close to the jewellery and are round and pimple like.



This medical photo is a close up of hypertrophic scarring and shows clearly both the pink, skin tone and irritated red colour that hypertrophic scars can have. It also shows how rounded the scars are and how they stand raised from the skin below them.

The photo also shows how closely hypertrophic scars follow the original layout of the wound. You can clearly see both the edges of the original wound and the small lines where stitches were used.


Hypertrophic Scar Photo Sources

The medical photo just above was taken by DermIS – The Dermatology Information System. All rights including reuse and copyright privileges belong to them.

All of the hypertrophic scar piercing photos you see on this page were donated by members of the bodyjewelleryshop community.

The first two photos are of ManekiNeko’s Navel piercing.
The Daith piercing belongs to redraven
and finally the nostril piercing belongs to RY3

Many thanks to the BJS community for contributing their personal bump photos to us!