Abscess and Boil Gallery

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Here are a collection of photos clearly showing what boils and abscesses look like, including some close ups. They can look quite similar to hypertrophic scarring, so to compare the two galleries click here.


Both these photos slow clearly what boils look like on a piercing.

Both bumps have yellow ‘heads’ and seem pusy.

They look quite soft and full of liquid.

These bumps are good examples of how boils and abscess can sometimes appear. They both clearly have red, irritated looking skin around the bump itself and the lump also has a crusty looking head.

These heads mean the bump is ready to be drained as the pus (and other fluids) are closer to the surface of the skin. Most abscesses do not start with a head and are merely pinky red looking lumps.

The difference in  the colour of both of the bump’s head simply signifies that one is more likely to be a boil (the lighter head) which is a less deep form of skin abscess where as the other one is a deeper skin infection (the dark coloured head).


Finally, these pictures show what abscesses look like without a head, which they sometimes never form especially if they are small.

These are quite large abscesses to give you a clear picture of what they look like but it is clear due to their skin tone and slightly red look that they are very similar (once again) to hypertrophic scarring.


The first two photos were kindly donated by members of the bodyjewelleryshop community!

The close up of the lip piercing belongs to RY3
The snug piercing belongs to sarah.

Many thanks to everyone in the community who donated photos to us, you’re all stars!