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Sterile saline is considered to be the best way to clean a piercing by the industry. In this guide we explain why that is and what effect saline soaks have on the piercing itself.

The Salt.

Saline is the same kind of water that is inside your body naturally.

When your cells come into contact with saline it creates an exchange – gunk comes out and fresh water goes in!

This exchange also helps to reduce swelling.

The Hot Water

Hot water makes the particles of salt move faster, making the solution more efficient at cleaning.

It also opens up skin pores and blood capillaries allowing more oxygen to the piercing. This speeds up the healing process.

Hot water prevents wound temperature from dropping. If it drops too low it can stop the healing process for up to 4 hours at a time.

Finally, hot water is  also very soothing and helps swelling!

For more detailed information on the benefits of saline soaks please read the full guide.

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