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We have developed this guide to help explain how body jewellery sizing works – helping you find the right fit of jewellery for your piercing.

Measuring Your Jewellery.

You can measure your body jewellery at home very simply.

Finding the Gauge (width). 

  • If your jewellery is the same thickness as a 1 pence, 1 cent or 1 euro coin then it is 1.6mm (14G) thick.
  • If it is slightly smaller it is 1.2mm.
  • If it is the same thickeness as a large paper clip it is 1mm.
  • If it is smaller or the same size as a small paper clip it is 0.8mm.

Finding the Length:

  • Take out your jewellery and remove the ball/s.
  • Mark the space in-between the threads with a pen on the piece of paper.
  • Using a ruler measure the pen marks using millimeters.
  • Round it up to the nearest even number.

Average Body Jewellery Sizes.

Piercings that require jewellery measured for their anatomy are generally not included in our table. The recommended ring diameter in this table is the ring size for healed piercings.

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Gauge Chart

The width of a piercing hole (fistula) is often measured in a unit known as a gauge but only goes up to around 12mm (0000G) so the rest of the sizes are recorded in fractions of an inch. A more consistent alternative to the gauge measurement is the use of millimetres.

Customised jewellery can come in any size so for a full conversion table try this one.

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Jewellery Size Tips.

Talk to your piercer. It is best to have your piercer tell you what size of jewellery they have used if you are not experienced with jewellery sizes.

Diameters. When buying a ring, bar or spiral you need to know the internal diameter. With plugs or tunnels you need to know the external diameter. In our table the ‘jewellery length’ column describes internal diameters.

Buying shorter jewellery. When your piercing is healed it is better to shorten the bar by only 1 or 2mm.

Buying thinner jewellery. There is little danger in wearing a smaller gauge in a well healed piercing but it may shrink to that size if worn for several days.

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