What we do

Body Poetry is an organisation dedicated to piercing education and awareness. 

The piercing community as a whole can be a confusing place for someone new to the industry, with conflicting information and well meaning enthusiasts often giving out unhelpful, outdated or even mythical information! Body poetry aims to bring together informed advice written by professionals and, where possible, backed up by scientific research and supported by organisations like the association of professional piercers.

Our Ethos

Body Poetry was initially established to help plug the gap left by the unregulated British piercing industry which is often leaving people very ill-informed and struggling to properly care for their piercings. Our aim to help educate the masses about body piercing so that more people can make informed choices about what happens to their body!

We also provide free professional piercing help for people who cannot, for whatever reason, seek out a professional in person. This gives people a knowledgeable place to turn to for piercing help rather than relying on the second hand advice of peer groups, who are often very uninformed.

We believe in education rather than just telling a person something is bad. We constantly want to know the ‘whys’ behind things and we strive to provide in-depth answers and guides on all aspects of body piercing.

We are currently in the process of bringing piercing health and safety talks into schools and other organisations, hoping to educate people on subjects such as self piercing, sterilisation, piercing healing and piercing guns.

We are self funded and rely on donations and fundraising to continue to provide our services so if we have inspired you, helped you or you just think we are neat please let your appreciation show! You can support us, leave us a nice message for everyone to see or volunteer to help us out!