The Founder

Lara Roberts

Lara is a trained body therapist and a graduate from Dartington College of Arts with a passion for body art and the body in performance. She trained as a professional body piercer with Denise from Transfix Piercings and even spent a summer training with the famous Samppa Von Cyborg.

She has 5 years experience as a professional piercer and specialises in aftercare; producing her own aftercare sheets and care packages for her clients. Her aftercare sheets are in use in several studios throughout the UK. In the future she hopes to develop a natural piercing aftercare product to help make effective piercing cleaning easier and more accessible for people.

Lara is also the creator of the ‘Witch’s Piercing’ and is the first documented UK piercer to have performed one.

The Witch’s Piercing

– The name ‘Witch’s Piercing’ comes from the antiquated idea that being born with webbed toes makes that person a witch.

Entry in BME Wikipedia: Click Here.

Lara’s Thoughts on Piercing

My views on modification are strangely quite spiritual. I see my modifications as stories, each one marking my journey. I think that many people are unknowingly seeking modification as a form of ritual to mark events in their lives and to help them reclaim their own flesh.

We have all these expectations of these bodies that we live in and I think sometimes we need to break out and just say ‘no, this is actually me’ and piercing provides a good platform for this. It sounds pretentious but take the VCH piercing. I see so many women come in after having children, after having their sexual, mystic, nice squishy bits turned into this weird, painful and often changed area. For some of these women having a piercing there lets them reclaim their nice squishy bits, lets them feel sexual, pretty and womanly again. I guess what i’m trying to say is that, for me, piercing is about so much more than fashion…

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