The photos and other artwork used on this website are largely the work of our founder, however some of the more impressive works, including our banner are artworks produced by more talented photography artists!

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Darren Saravis

The beautiful banner you see on every page of our website is the work of a very talented visual artist from America called Darren Saravis.  His body/text work explored projected text onto flesh and aims to raise awareness of important global and national issues by using models as messengers, using their flesh to give the text more urgency and importance than perhaps it would otherwise have.

“Photography is inherently voyeuristic, intimate and immutable. To project one narrow meaning onto the deliciously metamorphic ambiguity present within the body/text project would be too simple. The models already have text projected onto them — quite literally.  This introduction does not seek to impose answers, but aims to suggest possible lines of inquiry.”

“Where are we lead by these images that unite the sexual and the textual? What are we to make of these competing layers of reality? A piece of paper (or a computer screen) becomes the canvas for the image — the image is of a woman who has herself become a canvas for a further image. The images of the body/text project merge word and form. The model wears a self-written projected text tattoo; the multiple layers of meaning emanate from the model’s intimate persona; form and thought. The landscape of the photograph, the subject matter, is the woman herself.
Is this naked woman, used as a canvas screen, a commodity — or is she empowered, given voice, and imbued with language in an otherwise silent medium? Do these words clothe the model with honor and respect? Or has the artist shot these words onto her naked defenseless flesh like a conquered one-night exploit?
There is no single interpretation, just as there is no single artist. A photographer, many models, many writers — the body/text project is a collaboration. It is also a voyeuristic prying into the complex intimate relationship between words and flesh, captured in a contemporary context.” – Rachel (his model)

For more information about Darren and his works please visit his website.

Photograph: Ocean Dumping of Sewage Sludge and Industrial Waste.

The banner photograph itself is taken from an exhibition from Saravis entitled ‘Codes of Social Conduct’ and features a model laying in a foetal position with text describing the laws governing ocean dumping projected onto her naked skin. The text itself is a shocking revelation of the travesties which companies are allowed to get away with – including the fine for dumping being as low as $200 per ton of waste. The full text used on the model can be found here.

Codes of Social Conduct’ is a two year long project whose aim is to collect international treaties and then to project them on to the naked human form.
I chose to concentrate on codes that deal with global concerns such as our environment and human and animal rights. These agreements have the potential to place us on a firmer footing regarding issues vital to the planet. However, for a variety of reasons, they have gone unsigned, unobserved, or unenforced.
Ideally, overlaying this text onto naked human flesh will serve as a reminder that these agreements are vitally important to our very survival. In mythology and classical art, messengers are usually depicted nude or draped only in scant clothing. These models are messengers as well. 
Having chosen Codes of Social Conduct that resonate most within themselves, they hope, as do I, to add their voices to the call for a broader awareness of these issues and for global action on behalf of the earth and all of its inhabitants. – Darren Saravis

To see all of the photographs taken for this series visit this website.

Esther Adaire

Witch's Piercing Blood

The photographs taken of our founder’s Witch’s piercing in-progress were taken by creative artist and poet Esther Adaire.

A graduate from Goldsmith’s University, Esther is a talented and invocative inter-disciplinary artist who dabbles both in prose, performance and photography.

Currently Esther is the process of publishing her first book and can be contacted through her website.


The Problem Piercing Pictures

Many of the photographs on the website that depict problem piercings (lumps, bumps and icky bits!) were found courtesy of Emily Armstrong and her Awful Mods blog which showcases botched, awful and poorly done piercings, tattoos and other mods – literally showing you what not to do when it comes to modifications!

Just click the banner above to view her blog –  but be warned its not for the faint hearted!